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a la, a la carte, a la king, a la mode, A matter of life an death, a mensa et thoro, a posteriori distribution, a priori distribution, A quiet baby gets no suck, A rolling stone gathers no moss, A word to the wise is enough, A-bomb, A.C. pulse, A.D., a.m., A.TR movement certificates, aardvark, aaron's rod, ab, AB ticareti, Ab vergisi dahil fatura, AB ülkesi, Aba, abaca, aback, abactor, abacus, abaddon, abaft, abale, abalone, abampere, Abandon, abandon, Abandonded matter, Abandoned, abandoned, abandoned connection, abandonment, abas, Abase, abase, Abash, abash, abask, Abate, abate, abatjour, abattoir, abaund, abaxial, abayence, abba, abbe, abberation, Abbess, abbess, Abbey, abbey, Abbot, abbot, Abbreviate, abbreviate, abbreviated address calling, Abbreviation, ABC, abc's, abcissa, Abdicate, abdicate, Abdication, Abdomen, abdomen, Abduct, abduct, abduction, abeam, abecedarian, Abed, abed, abend, aberglaube, Aberration, aberration, Abet, abet, abetter, Abeyance, Abhor, abhor, Abhorrence, Abhorrent, abib, Abide, abide, Abideby, Ability, ability, abinition, Abject, abject, abjure, ablation, ablative, ablaut, Ablaze, ablaze, Able, able, abloom, abluent, ablush, Ablution, Ably, ably, ABN, abnegate, Abnegate, Abnormal, abnormal, abnormal end, abnormal reflection, abnormal termination, abnormity, aboard, Abode, abode, Abolish, abolish, abolish:, Abolition, abolition, abolition of obstacles to freedom of movement, Abolition of privileges, abolition of restrictions, abomb, Abominable, abominable, abominate, Abomination, aboriginal, aborigine, Abort, abort, abort sequence, abort, to, aborted connection, Abortion, abortion, abortive, aboulia, Abound, About, about, About 2 o’clock, About face, Above, above, Above all, above all, abovo, abracadabra, abrade, Abrasion, abrasion, Abrasive, abrasive, abreast, Abrest, Abridge, abridge, Abridgement, Abroad, abroad, Abrogate, abrogate, Abrogation, Abrogative Article, Abrupt, abrupt, Abruptly, abruptly, Abruptness, ABS control units, ABS sensor, Abscess, abscess, abscission, abscond, Abscound, Absence, absence, absence of an opinion, absence of customs protection, Absence Of Majority, Absent, absent, absent,, Absent-minded, Absentee


babble, back beam, back door, back off, back plate, back projection, back scattering, back tracking, back tracking (audit), back-to-back connection, back-up file, back-up system, backbone, backbone network, background, background application, background data, background information, background job, background processing, backlighted, backlit screen, backlog, backloggedd order, backpannel, backplane, backpropagation, backslash, backspace key, backspace, to, backtab, backtrack search, backup center, backup computer, backup copy, backup disk, backup facility, backup file, backup frequency, backup operations, backup procedure, backup, to, backward compatible, Backward Pass, backward shift operator, backward signalling, backward wave, bad sector, badge, Bahçe, Balance, balance, balance of current accounts, balance of payments, balance relay, balance, to, balanced code, balanced error, balanced mixer, balanced mode, balanced modulator, balanced network, balanced transmission line, balanced two-port network, balanced-to-ground circuit, balancing speed, ball bearing, ballast resistor, ballistic galvanometer, balloon, Ballpark Estimate, band elimination, band printer, band rejection, band-limited, band-pass amplifier, band-pass filter, band-pass process, bandwidth, bandwidth control, bank, bank of (filters), bank of capacitors, banka havalesi, banka hesabı açmak, banka müdürü, banka çeki, Banking and Postal Services, banking commissions, banking operations, banking operations (transactions), banking profession, banner, bar, bar chart, Bar Chart, bar code, barge-in tone, Barking dog never bites, barometer, barrel distortion, barrier, barrier layer, barrier layer capacitance, base, base address, base period, base quantity, base register, base station, base unit of measurement, baseband, baseband amplifier, baseband local area network, baseband modem, baseband signalling, baseline, Baseline, baseline document, Baseline Schedule, basic, basic feasible solution, basic input/output system; BIOS, basic requirements, basic solution, basis, basis of a space, Basis of Estimates, basis set, bass control, batch input, batch processing, batch variation, batch, lot, bathtube curve, battery charger, Battery charging, Battery heater, Battery master switch, battery pack, baud, Baudot code, bay, Bayes estimation, Bayes solution, Bayesian decision theory, Bayesian statistics, BCD, be absorbed in sth, be accustomed to sth/so, be acquainted with sth/so, be addicted to sth/so, be amazed at sth, be annoyed at / about sth, be annoyed with so, be associated with sth, be astonished at sth, be based on sth, be blessed with sth, be bored with sth, be committed to sth/so, be composed of sth, be concerned about sth, be concerned with sth, be confused with sth, be connected to so/sth, be connected with sth, be convinced of sth, be coordinated with sth, be covered in sth, be covered with sth, be crowded with so, be dedicated to so/sth, be delighted at / with, be derived from sth, be devoted to so/sth, be disappointed at/about sth, be disappointed in/with so, be discriminated against so, be disgusted at / with so, be disgusted at sth, be divorced from so, be done with sth, be dressed in sth, be engaged to so, be equipped with sth, be excited about sth, be exposed to sth, be filled with, be finished with sth, be furnished with sth, be impressed with sth, be interested in sth, be involved in sth, be known for sth, be limited to sth, be made from (if the raw material changes chemically as well as physically), be made of (if there is only physical change in the raw material), be made out of (if you alter an item, and use it with a different aim), be married to so


Cab roof, cabinet, cable, cable capacitance, cable duct, cable loss, cable television, cable transmission, cache memory, caching, CAD, cadastre, cadence signal, CAE, cage, calculate, to, calculator, calculus, calculus of variations, calibration, calibration frequency, call, call abandonment probability, call accounting, call add-on, call blocking, call charge, call fee, call disconnection, call distributor, call diversion, call duration, call failure probability, call hold, call packet, call pre-emption, call processing, call progress tones, call request, call restriction, call set-up time, call transfer, callback modem, called-party release, calling line identification, calling subscriber, calling-party release, CAM, cam dolap, camera tube, campus, cancel, cancel button, cancel character, cancel, to, canonic, canonical form, cantilever beam, capability, Capability, capacimeter, capacitance, capacitance of a conducting body, capacitive coupling, capacitive load, capacitive tuning, capacitor, capacitor plate, capacitor storage, capacity, Capacity, capacity decrease, capacity utilisation, capital, capital goods, capital increase, capital lock key, capitalization, caps lock, caption, Capture Software, capture, to, carbon copy, carbon copy list, carbon microphone, card, cardinal number, career, caret, carnet, carriage return, carried motion, carrier channel, carrier noise ratio, carrier power, carrier recovery, carrier sense multiple access, carrierless, Cartesian space, cartridge, cascade shower, cascading, CASE, case, case of infringement, case-law of the european court of justice, cash, cash flow table, Cash Reserves, categories of agreements, categories of aid, categories of economic activity, Causal/Econometric Methods, Cause and Effect Diagrams, CE(Community Europe)conformity marking, Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements, central bureau for nuclear measurements, Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU), central government, Centralized, centre, cereals, certificate, Certificate of Appreciation, certificate of origin, certificate of warranty, certified copy, certified councillorship, cessation, cessation of joint control, Change Control, Change Control Board, Change Control Meetings, Change Control System, Change Log, Change Requests, Change Requests Status Updates, chapter, charge, Charge ammeter, charge cooler, Charging batteries, chart, Chart, Charter, Cheats never prosper, Check trans, Checklist, Checklist Analysis, Chemical analysis, chief of disbursement, Choice of Media, circulation, citizen, civil, civil employment, civil engineering, civil law, civil liability, civil protection, civil servant, claim, Claim, claim for damages, Claims Administration, classification of expenditures, clearance, clearance of accounts, Client, climate, climate change, Climate Change Framework Convention (CCFC), close cooperation, close of financial year, Close Procurements, Close Project or Phase, Closed Procurements, Closing, Closure Documents, closure of accounts, cluster, co-decision, co-decision procedure, co-finance, Co-location, coal, coal site, code, Code of Accounts, code of conduct, code of good practice, coercive measures, Coercive Power, cohesion, cohesion fund, Coin Flip, Collaborating, Collateral, Colleagues, Collect Requirements


damage, darphane müdürü, data, Data Date, Data Flow Diagrams, Data Gathering and Representation Techniques, data processing, database, Database, date, deadline, Deans, debt, Decentralized, decision, Decision Making, Decision Making Techniques, decision of an arbitration board, Decision Tree Analysis, Decision-Making Procedure of the Council of the European Union, decision-making procedure of the Council of the European Union, decision-making procedure of the European Community, Decisions of the Court, decisions of the Court, Deck Department, declaration, declaration of intent, Decode, Decomposition, Defect, Defect Repair, defective goods, deficit, Define Activities, Define Scope, Defined, Definition, Degree Fee, degree of liberalisation, Degrees Offered at İ.T.Ü., Deliverable, Deliverable Acceptance, Deliverables, delivery, delivery terms, Delphi Technique, demand for labour, Department Chairpersons and Staff, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Food Engineering, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Naval Architecture, Department of Ocean Engineering, Department of Physical Education and Sports, Department of Physics Engineering, Dependency, Dependency Determination, Depreciation, derived intervention price, derogation, describe, description, Design of Experiments, desiring to, desirous of (in recommendations), desk, Determine Budget, Develop Human Resource Plan, Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Develop Project Team, Develop Schedule, development, development activities, device, Devolve, değişken iletili trafik işaretleri, Diagramming Techniques, Dictatorship, Differantial wheel, difficulty, digital, diploma, diploma equivalance, direct, Direct and Manage Project Execution, direct applicability, Direct Cost, direct effect, direct income support, directive, Director of Computer Center, disadvantage, disbursement, Discipline, disclosure, Discount Rate, discounted imports, Discreationary, Discrete Effort, Discretionary Dependencies, Discretionary Predecessors, discrimination, Dismissal Through Academic Inadequacy, disposal of products, dispute, Dispute Resolution, Dispute Review Board, dissolve, distortion, Distribute Information, distributor, diversification, diversification of resources, Doctoral Program, document, Documentation Reviews, Documented, Domain, domestic, domestic animals, domestic consumers, domestic wastewater, domicile, done at Brussels, Double Declining Balance, Double Major, Double Major Undergraduate Program, draft, draft decision submitted by the Commission, draft opinion, Drive axle weight, Drive shaft, drug, Dummy Activity, dumped and subdisied imports, dumping, dumping of waste at sea, durable consumer goods, Duration, duty, duty relief arrangement


Early Finish, Early Finish Date, Early Start, Early Start Date, Earned Value, Earned Value Management, Earned Value Technique, earnings, easy come easy go, Easy come, easy go, EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development), EC legislation, EC primary law, EC secondary law, EC-Turkey Association Agreement, EC-Turkey Association Committee, EC-Turkey Association Council, EC-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Commission, EC-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, ECB(European Central Bank), economic, Economic and Monetary Union, Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), economic and social cohesion, economic equilibrium, economic study committee, ECSC General Decision, EEC, EES, effect, effective, Effective, Effective Decision Making, effectiveness, Effectiveness, efficiency, Efficiency, efficient, Efficient, Effort, EIB(European Investment Bank), electrical, electrical equipment, electrical hazard, electrical material, electrical risk, Electrolytic analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, Element, elevation difference, Emergency braking, Emergency stop, emergency stop button, emniyet müdürü, emphasises the interest in, employee, employer, employment, employment guidelines, enactment, Encode, energy, energy efficiency, energy manager, energy sales and treasury guarantee agreements, Enerji Enstitüsü, enforcement, Engine Department, Engraulis encrasicholus, Enhance, enlargement, enlargement of quotas, enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise Environmental Factors, Enterprise Environmental Factors Updates, Entrance Requirements for Freshmen, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, entrusted tasks, entry, entry point, entry price, environment, environment policy, environmental auditing, environmental impact assessment, environmental management, EOTC(European Organization for Testing and Certification), epidemic animal diseases, equilibrium, equipment, Equipment, Error removing temporary file, Error writing to temporary output file, ESS, essential objective, establishment, establishment of a customs union, Estimate, Estimate Activity Durations, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate at Completion, Estimate Costs, Euro-Asia Institute of Earth Sciences, EURO-COOP (European Community of Consumer Cooperatives), Euro-Info Centres, Europartenariat, Europe, Europe Agreement, European Agency for Safety and Health At Work (EU-OSHA), European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products (EMEA), European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (FEOGA, EAGGF), European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF), European arrest warrant, European Association of Teachers, European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC-EURATOM), European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Broadcasting Union (EBU-Eurovision), European Bureau of Consumers Union, European Central Bank, European Centre for Public Enterprise (CEEP), European Charter for Small Enterprises, European citizenship, European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), European Commission, European Communities, European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO), European Community (EC), European Community civil servants, European Community funds, European Community institutions, European Community law, European Community of Consumer Cooperatives (EURO-COOP), European Community presidency, European Community Statistical Office (EUROSTAT), European Convention on Cross Border Television, European Cooperation İn the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST), European Council, European Court of Auditors, European currency snake, European Defence Community (EDC), European Democratic group, European Democratic Union, European Development Fund(EDF), European Development Fund (EDF), European Economic and Social Committee, European Economic Area (EEA), European Economic Community (EEC), European Electro-Technical Standardization Committee (CENELEC), European Electro-Technical Standardization Committee (CENELEC), European Environment Agency, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA ), European Foundation, European Foundation for Science, European Foundation for the Improvement of Life and Working Conditions, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, European Foundation for the Improvements of Life and Working Conditions, European Free Trade Association (EFTA), European hymn, European identity, European integration, European interest groups, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), European Monetary Cooperation Fund (FECOM), European Monetary System (EMS), European Ombudsman, European Organization for Testing and Certification (EOTC), European Parliament, European Parliament Internal Regulation, European Parliament Resolution, European Parliament Sittings Official Reports, European Patent Office, European Patent Organisation, European People's Party, European Police Office (Europol), European Political Cooperation, European Productivity Agency, European Reconstruction Agency (ERA), European Refugee Fund, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Regions Council, European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), European Single Market, European Social Fund (ESF), European Space Agency (ESA), European Space Research Organisation (ESRO), European Standardization Committee (CEN), European Telecommunication Standards Committee (ETSI), European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC), European Union (EU), European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, European Unit of Account, European unit of account, European University Institute (EUI), European Venture-Capital Association (EVCA), evaluation, Evaluation, Event


Facilitated Workshops, Facilitation Technologies, fact, factor, factors of production, Faculty Members, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Faculty of Science and Letters, Failure, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, failure to act, failure to take decision, Fairness, Fait Accompli, Fall Semester, Fallback Plan, False Attack, family allowance, farm, farm accounting data network, Farm Accounting Data Network (FADN), farmer registrations, farmers register system, Fast Tracking, Fax Number, feasibility, feasibility report, feasibility studies, Feasibility Study, federation, Feeding Buffer, Fees, Deposits and Other Costs, Filter, Final Product, finance, financial, financial protocol, financial regularity, financial regulation, financial statement, financial tasks, financial year, financing investment trust, finished goods, Finishing Activity, First class, fiscal, fish, Fish Bone Diagram, fish farm, fisheries co-management, fisheries management, Fitness for Use, fixed capital, fixed component, Fixed Cost, Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contracts, Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contracts, Fixed-Price Contracts, Float, Flowcharting, Focus Groups, food, food safety, food safety action plan, foodstuff laboratories, foodstuffs, for the Council, force, Force Field Analysis, Force Majeure Clause, Forcing, Forecast, Forecasting, Forecasting Methods, foreign indebtment, Foreman, forest, forestation, Formal Verbal Communication, Format, Forming, Forward Pass, foundation, framework, franchise agreements, fraud, free, free circulation, Free Float, free movement of capital, free movement of goods, free movement of persons, free movement of services, free movement of workers, free repair, Free Slack, free trade agreement, free trade area, free trade zone, freedom, freedom of establishment, freedom of movement for workers, freedom of movement of persons, freedom to provide services, Freshmen, Fringe Benefits, Functional, Functional Manager, Functional Organization, fund, Fund Resource, Funding Limit Reconcilation, Funds Remaining, Future Value


gainful occupation, Gantt Chart, garden gnome, gas, gas appliances, gazete, gazete bayi, Gear transmission, Gears in the transmission, Gender, General Affairs Council, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), General Catalog, general competence, General Information, general standard of economic activities, genetically modified organisms, geographical information system, geographical signs, geography, Give a dog bad name and hang him, global, Global Environmental Facility (GEF), global warming, globalisation, go, Gold Plating, good, good laboratory practice, good manufacturing practices, goods, Goods, goods in free circulation, governance, government accountant, Grade, grant, grant of licences, grant of licences by arbitration, graph, Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique, greenhouse gas, Ground Rules, Group Creativity Techniques, Group Decision Making Techniques, growth, guarantee, Guide, Guideline, guidelines, guidelines of good clinical practice, guidelines of good laboratory practice


Halo Effect, Hammock Activity, happen, Hard Logic, Hard-Copy, harmonisation, harmonisation of laws, harmonization of legislation, has adopted this regulation, has agreed as follows, has decided as follows, have agreed on the following provisions (in convention), have decided to conclude this agreement, having noted (in resolutions), Hazard Analysis, He that travels knows much, He who laughs last,laughs best, Head of the Administrative & Financial Affairs, heading, headings and subheadings of the CCT, headings of the tariff, health, Health is better tahn wealth, hearing, hearing in court, Heavy units, hereby adopts this resolution, hereby invites the Commission to, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, Hexagon bolts, Hexagon nut, Hexagon socket (Allen), hidden (disguised) unemployment, Hierarchical-type Charts, high authority, high contracting parties, High demandesk, High-level, Histogram, Historical Information, Historical Relationships, holiday, Honesty, horizontal legislation, household appliances, Human Resource Plan, Human Skills, Hybrid, Hybrid Personel, hypothesise


Identification, Identification Information, Identified Risks, Identifier, Identify Risks, Identify Stakeholders, identity, If the cap fits, wear it, illegal immigrants, illegal trafficking in drugs, illegal workers, illicit use of drugs, imitated goods, immigrant, immigration, immovable, immovable purchased on a time share basis, immunity, Implement, implementation of a policy, implementation of a provision, implementing convention, implementing institution, implementing regulation, import, import deposit, import levy, import regime, import substitution, Imposed Date, improper action, Improved Performance, in accordance with, in camera, in case of urgency, in cash or in kind, in close contact with, in conformity with the guidelines, in consultation with, in law or in fact, in one's personal capacity, in particular article(s) ... thereof, Incentive, income, income tax, incorporation, Independent Estimates, Indexed, Indirect Cost, individual, individual earnings, individual exemption, industrial component, industrial good, industrial plant, industrial property, industry, Industry, industry policy, Influence Diagrams, Influence/Impact Grid, Influencer, Influencing, Inform, Informal Verbal Communication, Informal Written Communication, information, Information, Information Distribution Tools, Information Gathering Techniques, information society, Information Systems, information-network system, infringement, ingilizce türkçe türkçe ingilizce, ingilizce ve türkçe, Initiating, injury, innovation, innovation relay centres, Input, Input shaft, inspection, Inspection, Inspection and Audits, installed capacity, institute, Institute of Informatics, Institute of Science and Technology, institution, institutions, instruction, instrument, Instrument Manufacturing, instrument of accession, instrument of ratification, Instrument Training, instruments of the European Community, insurance, insurance contract, insurance services, intangible goods, Integral, Integrated Change Control, Integrated Customs Tariff of the European Communities (TARIC), integration, intellectual and industrial property, Intellectual Property Rights, intending to ..., Intent, inter-enterprise agreement, inter-regional differences in terms of development, Interaction, Interactive Communication, Interdependencies, interest rate, Interest Rate, intergovernmental conference, interim, Interim agreement, interim measures, Interim protocol, intermediate goods, Internal Failure, internal market, international, International Accreditation Forum (IAF), international arbitration, International Court of Justice, International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), international road transport, Internet Search, Interpersonal Skills, interpretation in dispute, intervention, intervention price, interventions on the agricultural market, introductory guidelines, invested capital, investigation, investment, investment allowance, investment authorisation, investment authorization, investment certificate, It is never too late to mend, It never rains, but pours, it shall apply from ... to ..., it shall expire on ..


job, Joining, joint, joint action, joint commission (committee), joint financing, joint parliamentary commission, joint position, joint principles, joint stock company, joint venture, journal, judgment, judgment of the Court of Justice, judicial, judicial cooperation, jurisdiction, juristconsult, justice, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA)


Control Scope, kanalize olmak, Kit, komiteyi oluşturmak (to constitute the committee), krampon


label, labelling, labelling of domestic appliances, labelling of household appliances, laboratory, laboratory certification, labour, labour force, labour force participation rate, labour market, labour requirement, land, land arrangement, land consolidation, land filling, land registration system, land use plan, landscape gardening, law, law enforcement personnel, law on the protection of cultural and natural heritage, legal, legal arrangement, legal capacity, legal conformity, legal personality, legislation, legislation of the European Communities, level, level of activity, level of employment, level of prices, levy, liability, liberal professions, liberalisation, liberalisation of banking services, liberalisation of foreign trade, liberalisation of movement of capital, liberalisation of payments, liberalisation of services, licence, lifting and mechanical handling appliances, limit, limitation of noise emission, Limited hand throttle, limited liability companies, limited liability company, line graph, liquidation, livestock, loan, local distribution company, local government, Lomé Convention, long, long steel production, long-term commitments, longueur 19 mm, loss, Love is blind, Love makes all hearts gentle, Low forward cab, Lower bunk, Lower bushings, Lower thrust washer, Luxemburg compromise


Accounting profit, Maalesef, Maarif, maazallah, Maaş, Maaş Almak, Maaş Bağlamak, Maaş Cüzdanı, Maaş Kesinti Tipi, Maaş kesinti tipini açıkla, maaş kesinti tipleri, maaş kesintisi güncelle, maaş kesintisi tanımla, maaşlı, mabad, mabed, mabeyin, mablak, macar, macarca, macaristan, macera, macera aramak, macera filmi, macera romanı, maceralı, maceraperest, maceraya atılmak, Macintosh kullanıcı arayüzü, Macintosh pano biçimi, macun, macun bıçağı, macuncu, macunlamak, macunlanmak, macunlaşmak, madagaskar, madalya, madalyon, madalyonun öteki yüzü, madam, madama, madara, madara olmak, madde, madde adı, madde adı gösterilsin mi?, madde bazında deftere nakledilen stok değeri, madde bazında satınalma tahmini, madde bazında satış tahmini, madde bağlantısı, madde boyutu, madde bütçeleri, madde dağıtım anahtarı, madde dağıtım anahtarları, madde dağıtım satırları, madde defter nakli, madde değişkenleri, madde çekme listesi çıkışı, madde çekme yeri, madde çekme yerleri, maintanence, maintanence service, majority, Make amneds for, Man make houses, women make homes, mandatory, mandatory instructions, manufacture, manufactured goods, manufacturing industry, Many hands make light works, maritime, Maritime Faculty, maritime freight, market, market inspection, market price, market share threshold, market surveillance, marketing, masa, masa telefonu, masa örtüsü, masaj, masaj yapmak, masal, material, material injury, maternity insurance, May i count on you, mayor, maç, maç yapmak, maça, maça beyi, maça beyi gibi kurulmak, maça kızı, measure, measurement station, measures taken by the council, measures taken by the Council, measuring instruments, medical devices, medicine, medicine for humans, Mediterranean, Medpartneriat, member, member of the commission, Member State, member states shall abstain from, member states shall communicate to the commission their laws, regulations and administrative provisions with regard to the application of this directive, Member States shall retain the right, membership criteria, memorandum, memorandum of understanding, merger, Merger Treaty, method, method of calculation, methods of cooperation, methods of sampling and analysis, metrology, mid-term evaluation, might, minimal amount, misleading advertisement, mode, mode of assessment, mode of collection, modified cash system, modular approach, monetary, money, Money breads money, money laundering, Money Talks, monopolies delegated by the state to others, monopoly, morality, most favoured nation (MFN), motion, motion of censure, movable and immovable cultural and natural properties, moveable property, movement, Multi Annual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Multi-Fibre Agreement (MFA), Multi-speed Europe, multilateral agreements, Multimedia Center, municipal, Municipal Buses, municipal committee, municipal council, municipality, mutual, mutual advantage, mutual assistance, mutual recognition


nation, national authority, National Development Plan (NDP), national park, nationals, nationals of a Member State, nationals of a member state, natural, natural assets, natural disaster, natural spring water, nature, nature monuments, nature park, nature protection zone, negative clearance, negotiation, New Approach Directives, newsprint, niyetiyle, ...i amaçlayarak, noise, noise pollution, nomenclature, Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics (NUTS), non-compulsory expenditure, non-contractual liability, non-discrimination principle, non-recoverable, non-recyclable, normal bona fide commercial practice, Not at all, note, notes, notification, notification of inter-enterprise agreement, Notified Bodies Logistics Support (NBLS), notified body, noting that...(in recommendations), nuclear, nullify


oath, objective, objectives laid down in article x, obligation, obligations arising from their duties, occupation, occupational accident, occupational disease, occupational mobility, occupational safety, occupational standards, office, Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs), office of president, official, official authorities, Official Journal of the European Communities, Official Journal of the European Union, Official Journal of the European Union2, oil, oil/gas transmission, Old Approach Directives, on a non-discriminatory basis, on a reciprocal basis, on an equitable basis, on behalf of the governments of the member states, on its behalf, on its own initiative, Once thief, always a thief, One swallow does not make a summer, Open cover, Open Discussions, open sections, open session, operating accounts, operating licence, operation, opinion, order, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC), organised crime, organism, origin, original acts, Other Expenses, Out of sight out of mind


paid holiday scheme, paid-up capital, paragraph, parent company, Partial European Agreements, patio, paying agency, payment of expenditures, payment order, pecuniary obligation, perfect competition, performance audit, Period of Study, permissible noise level, personal liability, personal protective equipment, petrol krizi, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy, pie chart, pirated goods, placing on the market, Plough main beam, plurilateral agreements, position, post, postpone, power to take decision, powers which are conferred upon it by this treaty, Powertrain, pre-accesion aid, pre-accession strategy, pre-court settlement body (arbitration), pre-hearing, precaution, predict, prejudiced interests, preliminary authorization, preliminary ruling, present, President of the European Commission, President of the European Parliament, Prevention is better than cure, primary law, prior approval, prior authorization, priority regions for development, private consumption tax, processed agricultural goods, product liability, productive, profession, professional occupation, profit and loss account, profit-making company (firm), program temporary fix, Programme of Community aid to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (PHARE), progressive expansion of the trade, proposed agreement, proposed measures, protective measures, public debt accountant, public expenditure, public health, public interest, public morality, public order, public service concession agreements, purpose of association


qualified majority, Qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, question, quorum


rag, Ram air and the fan, Rapid Reaction Force, raw material, readmission, real estate investment trust, rearing animals, reasoned decision, receiving environment, recommendation, record, Rectified, recycling and disposing of wastes, reduction of customs duties, refund of money, regional or local authorities, registered capital, registered employment, registered office, regulation, regulation declared void, regulation on noise control, relevant market for the contract products, relief, relief from (free of) customs duties, renewable energy resources, repair charges, repeal, Repeating Courses, replacement of goods, required majority, Research Activities, Research Center, resolution, results, retention of legal personality, revenue-producing monopoly, review, review of financial statements, revolving fund, right of association, right of establishment, right to benefit, risk assessment systems, risk audit, risk capital, Roof hatch, rules governing the system of property ownership, rules of civil procedure, rules on competition


SADC (Common Transit and Single Administrative Document ), safe disposal of nonrecoverable waste, residues, safeguard the interests of the community, safety controls on imports, save for the exceptions or derogations provided for, Save up something for a rainy day, Schengen Agreement, Scholarships, Scientific Activities, scope of a measure, scope of application, scope of the licence, scrapbook, secret advertisement, Secretariat General of the Council (of the European Union), sectoral guidelines, security information form, security measures, seed capital, semi-fiscal transaction, Senior, Sensor, Sensors/Monitors, serious misconduct, Service or Result Transition, session, session of the council of ministers, Set a thief to catch a thief, settlement of disputes, Shock absorbers, should the Commission find, should the infringement be repeated, sign-painter, simple majority, Single Administrative Document, Single European Act (SEA), Sınıflandırma, sitting, Six separate cylinder heads, SME finance facility, so, So help me god, social insurances, sole article, Sophomore, sources of finance, South East European Stability Pact, special council of ministers, specialisation agreement, specialised agency, specially protected environment area, specially protected environment areas, Spectrum analysis, Speed main gearbox, Splinters from tools, Spring Semester, Stability and Growth Pact, Stand, standing committee for economic and commercial cooperation, state aids, state monopolies, status of a body, stockfarming, storage charges, stranded cost, structural harmonisation, sub-heading, subcommittee, subcontracting, subject to the conditions, subparagraph, subsidised imports, Successful Students, summit, summit meetings, supervision, supervision of manufacture, supplementary obligations, supply contract, supply of labour, Support the truck, supra-national, surface of the sensor on the planet, Surging speed, surveillance, suspend, suspicious financial transactions, sustainable development, Switch panel


Tabela, table, Table of Contents, Take amiss, tariff headings, task of inspection, tasks assigned to it by the commission, tax exemption, tax expenditure, Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office (TAIEX), telephone switchboard capacity, temporary abnormality, temporary admission, temporary expedient, temporary export, temporary hookup, temporary magnetism, Temporary pause, Temporary Printer Files, temporary register, temporary removal, temporary state, temporary storage, term of office, term of the licence, testing, certification and inspection institutions, The devil take the hindmast, the European Court of Auditors, The Faculty, the initiative of ...(member state), the licence shall be deemed void, the right to move freely, the seat of the institutions, The slave cylinder, The University Senate, There is no smoke without fire, they shall forthwith inform the Commission thereof, They that live longest see most, this decision is addressed to the Member States, this decision shall take effect on ..., this regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in the member states, this regulation shall enter into force on, Time is money, time-share holiday contract, title, to abolish, to abolish customs duties, to abstain from any measure, to accord advantages, to accrue, to address, to administer, to adopt, to agree, to allocate, to alter in accordance with the provisions set out below, to alter the time limit, to announce, to annul, to apply, to apply (make) a reduction, to apply in its entirety, to appropriate, to approve, to assign, to assign tasks to the commission, to attain, to attain its objectives, to be a party to legal proceedings, to be conditional upon, to bring an action (before the court), to bring an action for an infringement, to bring offers of employment into touch with applications for employment, to bring the infringement to an end, to cancel, to carry out continuous monitoring, to cause, to cause a damage, to cause a disadvantage, to censor, to censure, to choose by lot, to claim, to claim a compensation, to co-opt, to conduct negotiations, to confer, to confer powers, to confer rights, to confirm, to consider, to consume, to contaminate, to convict, to decide, to declare, to declare a concentration unlawful, to defer, to defer the decision, to deliver, to deliver opinion, to determine by negotiations, to differ, to discriminate, to dispose, to distribute, to emphasize, to employ, to encounter difficulties, to enter into force, to enter into negotiations, to entrust, to entrust a task, to evade the obligations, to evaluate, to evaluate all relevant factors, to expand, to expire, to fail, to fail to act, to fail to fulfil an obligation, to form associations, to fulfil a condition, to give judgment, to govern, to grant a repayment, to grant loans and to give guarantees, to have a binding force, to have an infringement established, to have financial autonomy, to have jurisdiction in disputes, to have jurisdiction to give preliminary rulings, to hear on oath, to implement, to impose a pecuniary obligation, to inform, to initiate, to initiate the procedure, to intend, to interpret, to introduce, to investigate, to investigate a case, to invite, to involve an advantage, to issue a loan, to legislate, to make, to make a regulation, to make applicable, to make good a damage, to meet, to merge, to monitor, to note, to organise, to proceed by common action, to provide non-repayable aid, to put into effect, to record an infringement, to rectify a decision, to remain in office, to renew agreements, to resign as a body, to review the legality of acts of the Council, to revoke an authorization, to run only from this date, to safeguard the continuity of employment, to safeguard the interests of the Community, to seek instructions, to set up a committee, to subject the correspondence to censorship, to submit a dispute to the court of justice, to submit a dispute to the Court of Justice, to suspend the measures, to sustain development, to table a motion of censure, to take a decision, to take an oath, to take care not to prejudice the financial stability, Tools, trade balance deficit, trade in goods, trafik işaretleri, trafik işaretleri ve sinyalleri, Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment Convention, Transboundary Environmental İmpact Assessment Convention, transboundary movement of pollutants, transfer of operating rights (TOOR), transfer of the seat of a company or firm, transit charges, Transportation Service, transposition, Treaty Establishing the European Atomic Energy Community, Treaty Establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community, Treaty on European Union (TEU), tube shaft, Tuition Fee, Turist


unanimity, under their jurisdiction, under-developed area, under-developed areas, underemployment, undertakings entrusted with the operation, unemployed, unemployment, unfair competition, unfair competitive practices, unfair terms in consumer contracts, unilateral cancellation, Union of Industrial and Employers’ Confederations of Europe (UNICE), Union of Industries of the European Community, unit of measurement, University Calendar, unlimited company (general partnership), unlimited jurisdiction, unregistered employment, Unsatisfactory Academic Record, Unsuccessful Students in Their Final Semesters, up to the amount of their share of capital, urban and industrial waste, Uruguay round multilateral trade negotiations, use on free loan, uzay sürtünme ısısının zarar vermeden dağıtılması., uzmanlık anlaşması


variable component, Variable Geometry Europe, venture capital, verification, verification of licences, Video Capture Software, Video Programs


wage level, Walls have ears, Warning lamp, warning level, Warning system, waste oils, watermarked visa label, Weight on the driving axle, Western European Union (WEU), when member states adopt these measures, When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the windows, where appropriate, Where there is life there is hope, wildlife protection area, withdrawal, within the framework of the task, within the limits of its power, within the limits of the powers conferred by this treaty, within the terms of the judgment of the court, work, works as a main circuit breaker, Workshops, World Trade Organisation (WTO)


yasal uygunluk, hukuki uygunluk, Yea, Yeah, Yean, Year, Year- round, Yearbook, yol trafik işaretleri, You can not make water flow up hill, You can not teach an old dog new tricks, You can't teach an old dog new tricks, Your mother alone will be wail on you, Yurtdışında


Zeal, Zealot, Zealous, Zebra, Zebu, Zed, Zedoary, Zee, Zeitgeist, Zemindar, Zemstvo, Zemzem, Zen buddhism, Zenana, Zend, Zend-avesta, Zenith, Zephyr, Zephyrus, Zero, Zest, Zeta, Zeugma, Zibet, Zigzag, Zinc, Zing, Zingaro, Zingiberaceous, Zinnia, Zion, Zionist, Zip, Zipper, Zippy, Zirconia, Zither, Zloty, Zodiac, Zodiacal, Zollverein, Zombie, Zone, Zoo, Zoochemistry, Zoography, Zoology, Zoom, Zoometry, Zoomorphism, Zoophytei, Zoosperm, Zootonomy, Zoroastrian, Zorosastrianism, Zoster, Zouave, Zounds, Zucchetto, Zucchini, Zulu, Zum beispiel, Zurich, Zuyder zee, Zwieback, Zwinglian, Zygo, Zygodactyl, Zygoma, Zygomatic, Zygomorphice, Zygosis, Zygospore, Zygote, Zyme, Zymolysis, Zymosis, Zymotic, Zymurgy, Zythum

‘Cost of sales’ method

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